We are a team of highly experienced clinicians on a mission to de-stigmatise therapy and make it accessible to all. Our psychotherapeutic orientation is pluralism. Pluralism is based on the view that no one therapeutic approach can resolve all mental health needs and that different people are likely to want, and benefit from different interventions in therapy.

Consequently, we bring together a wide range of evidence based, holistic, creative and spiritual approaches that address the whole person: mind, body and spirit

Our Team

Eva is a fully accredited Psychotherapist, Coach and Clinical Supervisor with 22 years of experience working in the field of mental health. Her clinical and research interests lie in the areas of trauma, sexuality, relationships, gender diversity, compulsive sexual behaviours and eating disorders. Prior to setting up the London Clinic for Sex and Relationship Therapy, she worked in the NHS, HM Prison Service, private rehabs, therapeutic communities, non-government organisations and in private practice. She is a former Clinical Director at an outpatient clinic for eating disorders, and a Clinical Manager at a low-cost counselling service for women. She offers therapy in English and Greek. 

Upon completing her undergraduate studies in psychology, she pursued further training in psychodrama, EMDR, energy healing, coaching, psychosexual and relationship therapy.


Her interest in experiential and body-oriented therapeutic approaches led her to undertake further CPD training in mindfulness, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, tantra and the application of neuroscience to psychotherapy. Her clinical work also draws on analytical psychology and the work of Carl Jung, where she utilises dreams, metaphors and archetypes as a way of helping her clients deepen their relationship with their unconscious. 
As a Life and Executive Coach, Eva works with individuals, leaders and teams supporting them to go through challenging transitions, reconnect to their inner values, cultivate emotional intelligence and meet their full potential. Her coaching approach is holistic, creative and systemic, taking into consideration all areas of an individual's life, as well as systemic structures when working with organisations. 


UKCP Accred. Psychotherapist, Coach and Clinical Supervisor
English, Greek

eva koumpli

In her psychotherapeutic practice, Tal aims to create a place for you to calmly, safely and attentively explore the questions and issues you are facing in your life. She emphasizes working with couples and individuals, using their own pace and boundaries as guidelines, to deepen their understanding of themselves and their circumstances, create meaning and connection, working toward relief of the pain or anxiety that they may be experiencing. She holds a non-judgmental sex-positive and inclusive approach, and welcome clients of all genders, relationship styles and sexual orientations. 

In a decade of therapeutic training and practice Tal has worked with clients of a variety of ages and backgrounds and has gained experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, life stresses, relationship problems and more. 


She now also specializes in working with clients who are dealing with problems in their sex life or to do with sexuality including vaginismus, pain on penetration, unreliable erections, rapid ejaculation and desire issues in men and women. Her psychosexual work extends to include what clients may feel are problematic sexual behaviours.

Tal received her MA in clinical psychology from the Hebrew University. She is a registered member of BACP and a trainee member of COSRT, and adheres to both their Codes of Ethics. 


 Psychotherapeutic counseling
Psycho-sexual therapy 
MA clinical psychology
English, Hebrew

Tal Frydman

Working with the body has been proven to be very helpful to come in touch with emotions, to connect with the history of your emotions, and to process them. It was the first modality she worked with that felt effective on a life path level, rather than simply offering 'immediate relief.' Core is uniquely integrative encompassing the holistic self - your psychological, energetic, emotional, and physical levels of being, in addition to a focus on spirituality. Core supports you to walk in the world as the person you truly are, in acceptance of who you are, with the unique gifts that you came with. 
How she works
Session  work offers a safe and non-judgemental space to open up, share and welcome all parts of self. Kate works with her empathy, compassion, creativity and a sense of humour. She relies on her own connection to my body, breath, and self-expression to be fully present, and to help guide the client, and their intention. I combine body work, energy healing and other traditional therapeutic techniques to support exploration of topics, and patterns of behaviour and relating. My  approach is  grounded in technique, passion and experience, whilst being highly instinctive.


The body offers a direct channel to past and present issues. It provides the door to life experiences, to awareness of emotion, and a depth of feeling. Your body reveals the life history, where energy flows or gets blocked, patterns of relating; you can see the gifts and strengths, and the learned coping strategies which create limiting life patterns. Session work helps you to acknowledge and own your ‘survival response’ particularly when conflicted or dealing with confrontation. You develop energy consciousness, and an enhanced management of your nervous system and the attendant responses. We work with redressing boundaries that may have become blurred, regaining a sense of agency that yields empowerment. Session work has the power to restore movement, balance, and vibrancy. It enhances the capacity to feel more fully and to be guided by your truth.
Her focus 
Kate encourages the client to set a specific goal for the therapy whilst welcoming what comes up in the moment and from session to session. My focus in the early phases is to build trust and to hold the intention with and for the client until they are in a place where they begin to hold it for themselves. When an individual is ready for it and commits to process work, real growth is possible.


Kate’s aim is to resource the client with tools; building awareness around stress levels and the health of the nervous system, and the impact of historic traumas and attachment issues that show up in present behaviours, affecting breath, sensation, feelings, thoughts and interactions in relationships. The second phase of therapy focuses on emotional corrective experiences to bring healing. The third phase is about the development of the emergent self, and spiritual growth. And supporting the client with self-observation, and self-organising of the tools and resources learned.
Kate respects people’s boundaries whilst challenging them to take risks. When the client starts to acknowledge themselves as the source of all their experience, self responsibility ensues and all sorts of revelations can happen. The work then deepens, and the client often finds a true path of fulfilment and connection to their life goals.


Kate has worked creatively since her acting training at London’s Royal Central school in
1995. Today she works with individuals and groups across the sectors. She combines her
therapy expertise with her training in body-breath-voice work. As a Core Energetics (CE)
therapist, she believes a body-led approach to healing is a transformative and evolutionary
way to work with feelings and problematic behaviours.

Kate Montague

Of particular interest to her were the cases in which she had to deal with problems caused by the ways we live and work. Nowadays more and more people complain of stress and tension causing frequent headaches, stiffness in the back and shoulders. Others suffer from swelling and joint problems and in most instances the causes are rooted in everyday life.

People are not giving themselves the time to rest and recuperate and take a few moments of silence and peace. Subsequently, she became increasingly interested in alternative ways to eliminate pain and disease that occur as a result of our lifestyle. With this in mind she was drawn to the training and study of Reiki.

After becoming a Master Reiki Practitioner her desire for healing both herself and others led to her developing a method whereby she combines Reiki with the various massage techniques leading to an even greater capacity for the elimination of pain, improving the overall physical condition and balancing energy. As a result each client has their own customised treatment programme, which is specifically designed for their individual problem. This treatment is special, it not only offers physical comfort, but also communicating at an energy level with each person leading to a harmonization of the world in which we live. Didi believes that this approach can contribute to a more rounded existence and deeper communication with the environment, using the techniques of these age-old practices.


Through her desire to constantly learn and develop my practice, more recently she has studied the Bowen technique and she is now a fully qualified practitioner. The Bowen technique is a system of moves on the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. It is a therapy which uses subtle measured inputs to the body, stimulating the body to heal itself with minimal intervention.

Although the therapy can be used to treat many specific injuries and other health problems, it addresses the entire body, and restores balance via the autonomous nervous system. From personal experience she has seen the Bowen technique reactivate the body’s innate recovery process and bring clients a profound release from stress and discomfort. Thus she is convinced it is an effective holistic treatment, which perfectly complements the other therapies she practices, and more importantly results in a content, energised and rebalanced client.

We are all connected with the energy of love, light and wisdom – this is our true nature which we often forget as we are so identified with our ‘material’ bodies. On a spiritual level we are all one, we are all connected. 

Free yourself from the unnecessary and be Happy!


Didi is a higly experienced Bowen and Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master. The gift of energising people, giving them vitality and happiness is a real joy for her. For more than 15 years she has been a practitioner of Classic healing and Therapeutic remedial massage. Throughout this time, besides working and gaining experience she never stopped searching for ways to improve and learn new techniques.

Didi Raynova

Bima Loxley is Queer Sex and Relationship Therapist registered with the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). As well as their therapy qualification they are also a trained Sex Educator, a Masters student in Relational Therapy and a Cruse Bereavement volunteer.

They have a great passion for removing the stigma and taboo around sex; always trying to create a safe space where people can talk freely about their pleasures, desires, fears and issues within the topic. If you’re looking for Online Therapy, then Bima is the one to ask; however they do also offer in-person therapy if requested.

Diversity inclusion is Bima’s work! Many of their interests lie with helping LGBTQIA+ folk, recognising the individuality in everyone, thus their approach is: no one size fits all. This means their therapy is contemporary and humanistic; their goal is to work collaboratively with their clients so they maintain their autonomy and feel empowered in and out of sessions.


Bima can also help couples and polycules with most issues, for example: conflict management, infidelity, differences in libido, relationship check ins, life changes. They work with all sexual function problems that involve pleasure or pain; sexual and relational trauma; other sexual, sexuality or gender concerns and recognise the high anxiety and low moods that may come along with these.

As a therapist and a sex educator, they hope to create a better understanding of sex and relationships, so that everyone can seek and find their pleasure potential. Here Bima is a part of the membership programme and provides Sex Education video classes for those who become a member. They will also be recording a personalised Q&A video after each class to help members who have any queries, or requests for more information, so be sure to check them all out!

Bima also runs their own sex education Instagram page (@loxleysexology), which will give you a feel of her style and teachings over here at LCSRT.


He is Head of Wellbeing at Urgentem, an award-winning climate-risk firm in London, where he works with staff to develop the psychological skills, capacities and support systems they need to be at their best in the face of our unfolding climate emergency and its mental health impacts.
Stephen has a background in political and social justice work and climate activism with Greenpeace, Oxfam and WWF and his therapeutic orientation is congruent with his longstanding commitment to combat the exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable and powerless by those who are more powerful.

He works with clients to help them understand and reframe their present difficulties in non-pathologizing terms i.e. not “what is wrong with me?’ but, “what has happened to me?” (how has power operated in my life?), “how did it affect me?” (what kind of threats did this pose?), “what sense did I make of it?” (what is the meaning of these situations and experiences to me?) and “‘what did I have to do to survive? (what kinds of threat response am I still using?”


He believes that emotional distress, as well as unusual and potentially frightening experiences and behaviour that’s troubling to self or others, can be understood as survival responses to threatening situations from the past that are now self-limiting and/or self-destructive and maladaptive to present life circumstances.

He works with clients to help them develop a “flexibility mindset,” which empowers them to mindfully choose the coping strategies they have access to, and then mindfully evaluating the degree to which they are working (and to developing new ones where necessary).

Having spent seven years with a Naqshbandi Sufi Order as well as Buddhist and Taoist teachers he draws on knowledge of alternative ways of knowing such as dreams, the embodied imagination and psychodramatic reconstruction to tap into extraordinary sources of strength and empowerment for post traumatic growth which can take the form of spiritual development, a new sense of purposefulness and possibility, an appreciation of life and more meaningful relationships. 


Stephen is an honorary psychotherapist at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital in the Borderline Personality Unit and formerly the Brenchley Unit, a specialist therapeutic community treatment for people with severe or complex personality difficulties. He is currently senior trainee in the Individual and Group psychotherapy program at the London Centre for Psychodrama, having completed the foundational training at the Institute of Group Analysis in London. 

Stephen Fitzpatrick

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